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Re: Frank Sinatra dead at 82

I have over the years listened to great songwriters try to sing....Over all
it has been a disaster.  Most singers do not write, score, and produce their
own music...they sing other peoples words and music.  Great ones like Frank
Sinatra couldn't even read music...it was just a natural thing with him.
Again most Great Song Writers can't SING!
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Date: Monday, May 18, 1998 11:53 PM
Subject: Re: Frank Sinatra dead at 82

>In a message dated 98-05-16 23:22:37 EDT, lawyer@world.std.com writes:
><< I think that all stations should do a tribute to the master of song!
>  >>
>"Master of Song?"   He didn't WRITE music.  He didn't score the
>orchestration...  He didn't pick orchestras backing him-- his manager did.
>And since 1970, he performed-live most of his songs relatively emotionless.
>Outside of that, he was a great performer, most of which talent he was born
>with.    No doubt his music (which was quite excellent) touched most of our
>lives.  But Lennon & McCartney, wrote, sang, played and scored their own
>music....   MORE talent there.
>---jibguy, waiting for flames.


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