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this was funny

Had a chance to watch HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA last night and Coach's Corner
had one of those great TV moments.

Cherry and sidekick Ron MacLean were talking about a bet that President
Clinton had with the Prime Minister of Canada. The loser would have to
wear the jersey of the other team. Washington's logo is an
eagle...Ottawa's a Roman Trojan. What happened next was funny

     RON: And Murray Townsend... Pretty good. 0 - 0 after one period of
     play. How do you feel about Ottawa's chance of pulling it out?
     DON: Out playing them again. But not pulling ahead. Kolzig is
     there. Looked like Rhodes played pretty good. I think they'll beat
     them. I'm hoping so. Because I don't want to see Jean wear one of--
     Jean wear one of those stupid Capital sweaters.
     RON: That's Jean Chretien. A lot of us thought it would be great to
     see Bill Clinton slip into a trojan. You know how they designed the
     DON: I'm...
     (90 seconds of laughter)

     DON: Again he did it. You're unbelievable. I'm in shock.