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Re: More Media overkill

I think you already know that Sinatra has no age bracket, he was cross
generational and when good music is played all listen!
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From: BUMP MARTIN <LJNF40D@prodigy.com>
To: dlh@donnahalper.com <dlh@donnahalper.com>;
Date: Saturday, May 16, 1998 12:24 PM
Subject: Re: More Media overkill

>> > Dan B wrote--
>> >
>> >Tonight's NBC News devoted more than half of the broadcast to the
>death of
>> >Frank Sinatra.  The last minute of the news was My Way and a video
>montage of
>> >Sinatra.  Is this what a news broadcast should be?
>I agree.  hey seem to treat this like it was man's first step on the
>moon.  I would guess that the 'Sinatra Generation' is 55+, no?
>> From: Halper, Donna            \ Internet:    (dlh@donnahalper.com)
>> First we have endless rumination about Seinfeld, then we have endless
>> rumination about Sinatra.  Let's see-- the publisher of the Taunton
>> commits suicide as a result of his HMO refusing to pay for therapy for
>> depression....
>Hmmm....I thought he was "missing".....did he turn up dead?