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Re: Frank Sinatra dead at 82

> Get ready for a slew of special programs - radio and TV - plus too many look-backs at the man and his music.  If you think about it, Frank was never a great singer, vocally.  But his charisma and style is what made him.

My VCR will be rolling all weekend.  As an under-30 fan of his music, 
Frank spanned generations.  I was first introduced to Frank when the 
station I was working at in Fall River changed formats and went big 
band/MOR for part of their day.  Had to play him...since then I was 

As for every station doing a tribute...I doubt it.  It would be fitting, 
but probably inappropriate on a Kiss or Mix.
Once again, I hope at least WJIB does some sort of tribute...considering 
there really isn't any other station in Boston (other than computer 
driven XKS-AM) that would be appropriate for a "fitting" tribute to