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Re: Cross-Overs

> >Anytime a Shania Twain songs comes on Kiss 108 she immeditately changes
> >station.
> >
> >She says if she  wants to listen to country music, I'll tune into a
> >station. When she's not in a country mood she switches to Kiss 108 (or
> >other station). "I don't listen to Kiss 108 for country" is her comment.
> >
> Interesting observation.  I think this underscores why stations that have
> very broad playlists don't generally do well.  And the Shania Twain song
> a legitimate hit song that isn't even all that country sounding.         
                                            According to an article in
today's Boston Herald about the upcoming KISS concert that WXKS-FM holds at
Great Woods in Mansfield MA every year(this year on May 30)among the acts
scheduled to perform at the day long event is Shania Twain.She's part of a
diverse range of acts lined up including Mariah Carey,B-52's,Matchbox 20
just to name a few.The article mentions that KISS 108 by adding the latest
Shania Twain hit "You're Still The One"it helped the song cross over to the
top 40 charts.It is also doing well I believe on the Country charts,it's
frequently played on WKLB.KISS 108's annual KISS concerts have always been
noted for lining up a diverse mix of performers,it always sells out,it
seems to work for them.Back in the early 80's there were several Country
songs that crossed over to the top 40 charts,a few even hitting #1.within
the last few months,LeeAnn Rimes crossed over with "How Do I Live",thus
IMHO paving the way for another round of Country crossovers,which I'm sure
KISS and other CHR/top 40 stations will add to their playlists.WJMN(Jam'n
94.5)played the Celine Dion hit from Titantic"My Heart Will Go On"when it
was at it's peak recently.If you are scanning the dial and you hear a song
you like,what difference does it make as to what station is playing it?    
Mark Watson