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RF @ The Hancock

I wanted to clarify a comment I posted to the group yesterday, regarding RF at
the Hancock.

Dirk Nadon from WZID called me this morning and told me I had the story
wrong... I knew I had made an error, but I wanted to set the story straight,
and clear Dirk's name. :)

The RF issue at the Hancock involved WZLX in 1985, not WBOS, although 'BOS did
have an STL hop on the roof... thus the confusion. Dirk heard the story of the
RF problems and the elevatorback in '85 and told me about it a year ago while
we were in the freight elevator at the Pru. I thought it was a funny story and
worthy of posting.

I apologize for any misinformation.

Rob Walker
WALC/St Louis