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WKBR 1250 Manchester NH & Heidi


Several times I've  expressed my concerns about WKBR on this list. I though
for once I would be able to say something nice, but..... After listening to
WKBR on and off all week-end which detecting a glitch the unforgivable

The Celtics game was being carried on WKBR this Easter Sunday eveing. The
Celtics had fallen behind by 21 points and the game was getting  boring.
However, in the  4th quarter the Celts rallied and pulled to within 5
points with four minutes to play. At that point WKBR (about 9:07 PM), WKBR
switched away from the basketball game to One-on-One Sports. I was B.S.
Fortunately WEEI was still carrying the game.

This morning during drive time WKBR had at least 5 minutes on dead air,
probably longer. I never heard any audio and didn't have the patience to


WPAA Andover MA 91.7 was heard once again on the air this Monday morning,
for the 3rd time in 1998 from my observations. Sounded like a CD being
played from beginning to end with no announcer, just music.