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Re: Car radios

>I need some advice from this group. The car radio inside the 1987 Pontiac
>Grand Prix is terrible! It can't pick up WXLO in Concord, WJIB is
>unlistenable there as well, and apparently it never heard of 1150 anywhere
>west of Lexington. Anyone know of a reasonable car radio that has decent

	I was given an 87 Subaru with over 208K on it last year. It has a Sony car radio with a PLL tuner that can pick up WJLT from Atkinson NH, no small feat <g>. Of all of the auto radios I've tried to use for dxing, this Sony is far and away the best.
	The former owner said the radio cost about $80 when she had it installed, so the radio itself was around $50 I'm guessing. 

	The car is another story.......:-O

Wayne Carter     			wcarter@mva.net
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