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Re: MESSAGE ID: 1EC610858

>ASchinella wrote on 4 April:
>If they stuck sports on WNFT, which more than covers the metro Boston
>area, they would have no need to put it on an FM simulcast because I am
>>sure that TAG or PLM or whoever will also broadcast the games.

      What this list needs is someone who lives in Hanover to provide a
reality check sometimes in the discussions about Boston AM signals, IMO.
But right now you'll have to settle for someone (me) who spends a lot of
time in Scituate. A lot of the group contributors seem to live either close
to downtown or in the north/northwestern 'burbs or in southern N.H. All
this is a long way around to say that, especially at night, it is incorrect
to suggest that WNFT's signal "more than covers the metro Boston area." It
and nearly all the other AM transmitters (WBZ is just about the only
exception) are from west around to north of the city.
      On the South Shore, signals like WNFT are just plain bad. Even in the
daytime, it's thin (and I'm a kindly person). At night, forget it, and for
play-by-play sports, that is the time that matters. And the same goes at
night for WPZE and all the rest except the big four -- 590, 680, 850 and
1030. 1510? Well, maybe, if you're using a radio that's good enough to keep
out the splash from WWKB and WTOP. But even in the daytime, 1510 doesn't
really sound right in some areas out to the south. It has a sort of
shortwave signal quality to it and does not at all measure up when compared
to the big four.


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