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Re: CBS/ARS merger approved by Justice Dept.

Chris Beckwith wrote:

> I think Jacor would be a natural for WAAF.  I reckon Chancellor will
> walk away with WEGQ.  Given WXRV's now-directionless quasi-AAA
> format, is a sale of 92.5 MHz also inevitable?

I'm curious as to your theory why XRV is next to be sold.  When I worked 
at 92.5 (in the days of "LYTe rock, less talk") the owner wanted a HUGE 
amount of money...in the days when it wasn't making money or (barely) 
even showing in some of the New Hampshire books.  Now that it's making 
money (assumed by the spot load heard yesterday during afternoon drive) 
and a format that seems to fit the station, would Steven Silberberg 
(owner of WXRV) be looking to sell?  Doubtful, but then again, this is 
radio we're talking about.