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Re: CBS/ARS merger approved by Justice Dept.

At 21:36 on 31 Mar 98 Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Does the EEI _and_ RKO divest. surprise anyone?

Not really, if you look at it as Justice looked at it--as a straight
adding of ARS's assets to CBS's current holdings.  I seriously doubt
that this is the end of the matter.  I don't think CBS is interested
in keeping WNFT, and they're going to be willing to do just about
anything to retain at least one of ARS's big AMs.

> Lawrence & Worcester FM signals - no big surprise.  So, who are the
> takers?

I think Jacor would be a natural for WAAF.  I reckon Chancellor will 
walk away with WEGQ.  Given WXRV's now-directionless quasi-AAA 
format, is a sale of 92.5 MHz also inevitable?

> And, what of Imus on 850?

Given the steep decline of Imus's ratings in Beantown, I wouldn't be
surprised if he eventually surfaced on an O&O--whichever one CBS is
able to salvage out of their eventual settlement with Justice.

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