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Redundant commercials

How many of you believe as I do, that some copywriters seem to have one
template for all commercials..they just fill in the blanks?

I used to work for a station where so many spots sounded alike, we'd make
fun of them.  For example, I believe we had two different banks...both were
"THE" place to go, both were "centrally-located", and both had "the BEST"
service.  Both were competitors!

Good, better, best.  Who definds "best"?  Only one can be the best. Here in
Florida, restaurants regularly advertise their "world-famous" offerings.  I
truly doubt that, say, Joe's Pizza in North Palm Beach is so well-known,
that you could drop that name to some person in France, and his or her face
would light up with glee, and say "Yes!  Wow!  I know about that!"

Shel Swartz

WRKO/The Big 68 Remembered!
508 Glenwood Drive
W. Palm Beach FL 33415-2866