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Re: spelling, grammar, etc.

Bruce Schwoegler writes that he has a "BIG problem" with
spelling/grammar errors in resumes and the like.

Here's an eye-opener. Go to any search engine and type in "acedemic."
That's right; with an "e." Last time I did, I got hundreds of hits, many
of them links to online resumes boasting of the author's "acedemic
credentials," "acedemic honors," etc.

A former boss at the Record-Journal in Meriden, CT, used to eliminate
many reporter/editor applications out of hand. If they came addressed to
"Meridan" or "Meridian," he'd read no further!

Stream of consciousness: Speaking of eye-openers, what ever happened to
Susan Burke, who anchored WCVB's "Eye Opener News" several years back? I
recall S---n B---------t writing that she was going to New York, but I
never actually saw her on air on any of the NY stations we receive down