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Re: Re: where are the proofers???

>For some of us who deal with some radio salespeople, when they oversell the
>number of spots aloted per hour, sometimes the hosts are only back for a
>moment before the next break!<g>
>Gary Ford

$pot$ are a good thing, except when they cause programming to be filler to
take you to the next break.  I recall that the old WSSH clock ran 3 @:35,
3@:45 and 3@:51 with open space for the "40 min. music sweep."  That may
seem bad to some on paper, but ran the numbers very well, esp. with TSLs.
Every station has its own way of balancing the spot/unit load per hour with
format success.  The level of authority or input that PDs have over these
decisions would have alot to do with keeping excess spots at bay.  More
after these....
Bill O'Neill