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where are the proofers???

I know this is mostly a radio forum, but I wondered if anyone else saw this?
Last week, the night of the Arkansas murders, I was watching one of the 10
oclock news programs, (unfortunately, I don't know which one since we were
switching around) , and was stopped in my tracks by this --  the newscasters
had a map behind them showing the outline of the state of Arkansas, showing
where Jonesboro is, and smack in the middle, the abbreviation for the state
- --- "AK"   - which, I hope many of you know, is incorrect.  I've been told
I'm too picky and always pick up on things that are irrelevant, but part of my
job involves proofreading so I always catch stuff like this -- it wasn't a
typo, but more like someone's guess under short notice.  I'm sure newscasts
had to throw this stuff together quickly, but should we really overlook stuff
like this in the media?   Just my $0.02