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Friday's Lawrence Eagle Tribune reports that the sale of WCCM from Curt
Gowdy Broadcasting to Costa Eagle Radio Ventures has been approved by the
FCC and the transfer paperwork was expected to be signed today.WCCM's
studios will move to the Costa Eagle Radio building in Methuen where
co-owned stations WNNW and WHAV are located.Some changes are planned for
WCCM:more local news coverage in drive times,and the current big band/MOR
music is expected to be replaced by an AC format.They are also constructing
a news studio at the Eagle Tribune building for the paper to share it's
news gathering resources with WCCM.It is possible that eventually the
station may drop all music for news/talk,and there is also the possibility
that was first mentioned when the sale was announced several months ago
that the 3 Costa Eagle stations may swap frequencies and calls,moving
WCCM's format to 1490,WHAV's format(spanish news/talk/music)to 1110,and the
WNNW format(Spanish Tropical music)to 800,although no decision appears to
have been made on that.                Mark Watson


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