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Patience (was: Re: WCAS)

Dan Strassberg wrote:[...]

> And more to the point, why does this same message, word for word with no
> changes, keep turning up here every couple of days? Give it a rest! If
> nobody's answered after the fourth verbatim posting, isn't it just possible
> that nobody's gonna?
> Deja vu is one thing, Deja vu over and over and over again, is
> unnecessary--and just a tad spooky.

Amen. If you post a message once, the folks on the list will see it. It may
take a few days for a reply (or relplys, as the case may be) to pan out. No
need to post it a second (or third, fourth, fifth, etc..) time. If an answer to
your question is to be found via this mailing list, a reply will be
forthcoming. While sometimes it may be hard to be patient to sit and wait for
someone to come up with an answer to your question, patience most often gets
you the information that you are seeking. In other words, "hurry up and wait,
and while you're at it, like it!"

How many more requests for x Market Snapshots will we have to endure? While I
enjoy reading them (and enjoyed writing my contribution), unless we get a new
active member (as opposed to you lurkers :-) to what I like to call "The Big
Radio E-mail List", we won't see any more Market Snapshots for some time (not
saying this is good or bad). No personal ill will is directed toward you, Bump.
This just serves as a simple reality check.... Your enthusiasm is noted.

And since my friend, Bill O'Neil, asked, although indirectly (in response to my
friend Dan's original post to which I am replying):

>So Dan, how was your day? (<g> omitted)

Answer from Doug: I've had better, and we'll leave it at that...

Just speaking my piece; no flames, please....

Doug Bassett
Brattleboro, Vt.