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Subject: Re: WCAS

The VERY "CASE SENSITIVE " Dan Strassberg wrote: 
And more to the point, why does this same message, word for word with no
changes, keep turning up here every couple of days? 
Deja vu is one thing, Deja vu over and over and over again, is
unnecessary--and just a tad spooky.

Hey Dan, chill out.....  Had trouble with the e-mail program before I
realized what was happenning.  Some notes appeared to have gotten
"stuck" in my 'outbox'....  
Apparently they got sent...but a copy stayed stuck in my 'outbox'...

While I was under the impression that they DID NOT get sent...apparently
it WAS being sent *every* time I did a "send and recieve".....

My apologies for the inconvenience...I hope they didn't ruin your day...

What's a few 'bytes' between friends....