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Re: WMUR/9 (Was WNHT's fatal error)

On Sat, 21 Mar 1998, Shel Swartz wrote:

> Wasn't WMUR-TV one of the LAST stations to go color?  I believe it was in
> the very-late 1960s.  Does anyone remember?

 Channel 9 finally went full color in early 1969 mainly because ABC
demanded it. They had film color in 1968 and thru a juryrig system added
color videotape in 1969. 

  The color cameras were from International Video and they were awful.
(yes worse than the GE's that 7 and 38 had)

 The Channel 9 studios were for years at 1819 Elm Street and what was
Governor Murphy's house....one night we went up into the attic and found a
MCKINLEY-ROOSEVELT banner which we then placed in the projection room. As
of a couple of years ago 1819 was still vacant.