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Re: WBZ in the 70s

On Mon, 23 Mar 1998, Donna Halper wrote:

> refresh my memory-- Arnie Ginsburg doing a show on WBZ Radio in 1973???  And
> Bruce Schwoegler as the host of what seemed to be a children's show ("For
> Kids Only") in 1974.  Anyone recall either of these???
 In the early 70's, BZ had a retro weekend and brought back a lot of the
announcers from both BZ and MEX. (JJ Jeffrey, Arnie, Bruce). The
popularity of that weekend spawned the Arnie show on BZ. 

  I remember meeting Arnie one night at the old Boston Press Club and I
asked him why he didn't go back on the air. He said...nobody would
remember me... (this was 1970 or so)