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Re: BZ drops sports on weekends

Too bad they couldn't put some specialized talk shows on the weekends like
they have at night with Bruds and Raleigh... There is an election coming up
and the community could really use some quality programming on the AM dial. 

I believe there was also some sales problems with sports; I know of at least
two ocassions when I saw radio sales ads in the Globe and called out of
curiosity only to find it was a company that would trying to get someone to
sell time for WBZ's sports programming. I got the impression that there was
some sort of leased time deal with the sports shows. Too bad 'EEI gets all
those spots shilling for casinos and such...


In a message dated 98-03-21 10:03:26 EST, webway@channel1.com writes:

<< Both the Hearld and Globe are running stories this morning saying that the
 Sports Saturday and Sports Sunday blocks on weekends will be dropped in 3
 weeks and the station will revert back to news. Calling All Sports, Bob
 and Upton and the McDonough's will continue. 
 The reason given was, there are other stations to get sports from, and
 nowhere to get news on weekends.
 My best guess is, the WBZ shows will wind up on WEEI once the merger is
 approved. >>