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Re: BZ drops sports on weekends

We have all been puzzled by how a top 10 market can have NO live news
coverage on weekends.  I mean, okay, WBZ uses the channel 4 news folks for
stories on weekends, but most of the weekend casts on radio are rip-and-read
from the newspaper with an occasional actuality from TV.  I'd be delighted
to have actual radio news reporters on the streets again covering stories.
I hope that despite the lack of competition, WBZ will do it right and take
weekends seriously.  There is NO throw-away time period in a major market...  

Regarding sports, I thought at least one of the shows was leased-- Calling
All Sports, I believe-- it is Norm Rescha (forgive the butchering of his
name) who hires people and pays them, not WBZ-- or am I wrong about that?