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Re: BZ drops sports on weekends

>A Schinella wrote:
>Too bad they couldn't put some specialized talk shows on the weekends like
>they have at night with Bruds and Raleigh... There is an election coming up
>and the community could really use some quality programming on the AM dial.

       They have the legal show and (?) one or more others. I have not seen
the newspaper reports referred to in earlier posts, but if a couple of the
sports shows are staying, they may be on in the evening, so that would
pretty much fill up the period after 6 or 7 p.m. Brudnoy does a lot of
local public affairs-oriented topics -- single handedly preventing the
market from having no one doing any on any major station.

>Donna Halper wrote:
>I'd be delighted
>to have actual radio news reporters on the streets again covering stories.
>I hope that despite the lack of competition, WBZ will do it right and take
>weekends seriously.  There is NO throw-away time period in a major market...

        It might be useful to give their weekend news an identity that is a
little distinct from the weekday format. The audience and the flow of
available news are all different on the weekend. They don't have any sort
of automatic audience out on the roads going to work or working. Features
that are unique to the weekend and (some of you may not like this) more use
of their mobile news studio set up at cultural events and such could be
good. They could even take the mobile studio to the beach in the summer.
They could call it the sundeck news studio <g>.