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WHOM the only 100 kilowatter (Full Class C)? Nope !

     While WHOM can boast the "largest coverage area in North America", it
is NOT the only full Class C FM.  If you're talking Northern New England,
WHOM is still NOT the only Class C around.  One station in particular in
the "Century Club" is WBLM/102.9 in Portland, ME.  They are a true 100 kw
(ERP) FM station.  It was the old WGAN-FM ("The only GROOVY/103 !!").  How
they called it "groovy" was beyond me, considering they played automated
beautiful music in stereo from 1967 until 1982 or so.  Nontheless, they
had the signal and the audience to back it up.  I do believe that 102.9
is STILL on the WGME (formerly WGAN-TV) Channel 13 tower in Raymond, ME,
just north of the demarkation line between 50,000 and 100,000 watt 
allotments.  They did their homework.  BTW: The WGAN tower was at one
time the tallest broadcasting tower in the world (1460').  Naturally,
that record was short lived.  
     There may be other Class C's in Northern New England.  Better check
the "Archives".

- -Pete-

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