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Re: WHOM the only 100 kilowatter (Full Class C)? Nope !

At 12:28 PM 3/21/98 -0500, you wrote:

>     While WHOM can boast the "largest coverage area in North America", it
>is NOT the only full Class C FM.  If you're talking Northern New England,
>WHOM is still NOT the only Class C around.

Yeah but, WHOM is grandfathered with facilities that exceed those of
standard full class Cs. The standard maximum facilities are 100 kW at 2000'
(probably since changed to 100 kW at 600m). WHOM's facilites (37 kW at
1198m, if I recall correctly) are equivalent to 140 kW at 2000'. There are
only two FMs with equivalent power and antenna height, if I remember
correctly. Both of them are on the West coast and both have TXs very near
the Pacific Ocean (one is the Pacifica Foundation station in LA; the
station's TX is in the antenna farm atop Mt Wilson). Because WHOM is about
100 airline miles from the coast, it loses less coverage over water than do
either of its West coast "rivals". Consequently WHOM is able to claim the
largest coverage area of any FM in the US.

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