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Re: CNN HN simulcast

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> Date: Wednesday, 18-Mar-98 11:10 AM

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> Subject: Re: CNN HN simulcast
> In a message dated 98-03-18 11:03:12 EST, billpi@ll.mit.edu writes:
> << 
>  Come to think of it CBS' 1010 WINS New York claims to be affiliated
>  CNNRadio news. Maybe they've stopped the HeadlineNews simulcast and
>  provide news shows on the hour and half-hour as well as feeds local
>  (such as WINS) can use in their own shows.
>    >>
> From: Whom949                  \ America Online: (WHOM949)
> 1010 WINS is part of CBS? they have always had there onw news as far
as i know
> they did all there own stuff..

The radio world is a different place now! (We're not in kansas anymore!)

Westinghouse and CBS are now one!  Although I doubt that WINS will ever
run anything from the CBS network identifying it as such...so as not to
add to the confusion factor with Wcbs in town...

With CBS/Westinghouse/Infinity/Granum/<anyone else?> owning the two news
stations in NYC...they will keep their value, if they keep their
identidies separate.