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Re: CNN HN simulcast

> From: Bill Piacentini          \ Internet:    (billpi@ll.mit.edu)
> >
> They claim that CNNRadio, a CNN Network that originates live radio
> every 30-minutes, 24-hours a day, is picked by more than 600 radio
> around the globe.
> I believe it's just the audio of Headline News.
> The last time I heard it in Boston was on WEEI 590 in the wee hours of
> night.

Actually "CNNRadio"  *is* a different feed.  The hour and half-hour
newscasts are done FOR radio seperate from the TV feed.  I believe they
'join' the Headline News feed somewhere around  :05-:08-:09-ish.  

This is why a lot of stations aren't "fully" CNN formatted...but most
will take the newscast.  (Now this *may* be different in overnights...
but I remember WMEX 1150AM running the CNN newscast overnight...with
'Gordon Decker' doing them...he wasn't part of the on-air TV line-up...)

CNNRadio actually is fueled by a department that sells spots for radio
and then, like most networks, guarantees them to be cleared in a % of
markets.  I believe the stations get the CNN news feeds for free 
(running either the half-hours, or simply the stand-alone radio newscast
) in exchange for clearing the 'radio' spots.  

I remember when WHUE-1150AM was news.  When they would indeed 'join' the
Headline News Feed....it was pretty ridiculous.  I remember a kicker
story featuring a building being blown up in some DT area...  as the
announcer said "Let's see that again in slow motion...!"

BTW...When the old WEEI-590AM ran CNN overnight...I believe they did it
"on the cheap", i.e. ran an audio feed from the local cable TV feed that
the station had for the newsroom TV.  

I believe when CNN radio started, they had a hard time convinceing Ted T
that simply running the TV audio on a radio station wasn't gonna cut it.
...as this was the way it was being offerred originally.  They
eventually moved to having a 'radio anchor'...and a radio sales rep and
sales department.  

But again...they DO join HN at times for a ridulous sounding newsfeed.