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Re: Black Tuesday at WSMN

At 12:08 AM 3/19/98 -0500, MATT   SOBOLEWSKI wrote:
>While we were all reading each others posts about Black Monday at 
>WGIR-FM......we all missed the purge at WSMN in Nashua NH. New 
>General Manager Ed Crecelius is making format changes.  Long time 
>staffers John Halbert, Robin Belzil and Kevin Farwell along with Nick 
>Diamond and Eric Nurenberg are all out.

I kind of had a feeling that there was another shoe that was gonna drop
after Maury Parent got bounced.  I'm surprised that the ownership let
things go on as long as they did...paid spots are all but nonexistent, most
stopsets consist of just carted PSAs.  Clearly no one listens to the
station...a couple weeks ago I heard Nick Diamond do a ridiculously easy
trivia contest...it went about 20 min before he finally had a winner.  I
wish them luck with local talk...WMVU doesn't seem to have much success
with it.