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Re: "Black Monday" at WGIR-FM.

Donna Halper wrote:
> Speaking of WGIR-FM, that brings to mind the subject of being fired
> unexpectedly.  Do any of you good folks have a story about the first time
> you got fired, or a time when you got caught in a format change, or had
> great numbers but got fired anyway?  Surely I was not the only one... <g>

February, 1977.  I was part of the first news department at WVNH, Salem,
NH.  We had been on the air for about a month when I got a phone call at
home and was told I was laid-off...as was half the staff of the station
in general.  Since layoffs by phone were illegal in New Hampshire at the
time, I settled for a tidy sum.
November, 1980.  New owners come in at WBBX, Portsmouth.  The local
paper did a story about their plans for the station, including a rundown
of the morning news team.  Since I didn't see my name listed I somehow
guessed I wasn't part of their plans, so I beat them to the punch and
took a job elsewhere.
Which brings me to this past January, when I was canned by WTSN after an
unnamed individual from WZID informed my former boss that I was
participating in this E-mail forum (although I had already made him
aware of it long ago). 
Such is life.

Dan Cole,
semi-retired reporter