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Re: WKBR-FM Re: Claremont

At 10:47 AM 3/18/98 -0500, John Bolduc wrote:
>My first recall of WKBR-FM would be from around 1969 on the frequency of
>95.7. Around the same time WNHS(??) was on 101.1 later to become WGIR-FM
>for Manchester NH

I know WKBR-FM was around (and except for splitting to carry high school
sports and Joe Maltais' French show were simulcasting the AM) in at least
1964, as that's when I got my first FM radio and they were the only "good"
station I could get.

I'm pretty sure 101.1 was WGIR-FM in 1969, I do recall other calls briefly
being on that frequency, but I don't think it was until '73/'74 or so.