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Re: "Black Monday" at WGIR-FM.

While I must agree that this was a terrible thing to have done to the
employees of WGIR, as a listener, I was never fond of the FM signal. 

I remember years of growing up in Concord, NH and having friends listen to
WGIR-FM because it was the only decent "rock" signal around. Their
relentlessly boring "Block Party Weekends" were the worst; I swear they would
play the same 6 songs by the Stones or the Who, every weekend, over and
over... Ugh. You would hear "Start Me Up" or "Won't Get Fooled Again" two or
three times in a weekend but never hear "She's Like a Rainbow" or "Anyway,
Anyhow, Anywhere"... You would think with the very large catalogs of all those
classic rock bands that they could expand the playlists even just a little...
to keep the tedium from setting in. 

As far as WHEB, they would at least play new rock music when it came out.
Unfortunately, during the early 80s, their playlists consisted of every bad
glam hair band that put out a record, but occasionally, they would throw in a
tune which was then termed "college radio." I wonder how much of the audience
will be effected by this change, because I always got the impression that they
both had very different audiences. 

In a message dated 98-03-17 17:34:17 EST, PGEORGE@WELLESLEY.EDU writes:

<<      I cannot help but wonder WHY the new owners decided to purge a good
 amount of WGIR-FM's on air talent to rebroadcast WHEB in Portsmouth.  After
 all, Manchester is New Hampshire's largest city and WGIR-FM commands a
 larger audience than WHEB-FM could ever muster.  It would make "sense"
 to reverse the simulcast to put HEB on GIR-FM.  What you are seeing is
 the destruction of something that took nearly twenty years to build.  I
 can smell the "beancounters", even down here.