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Re: "Black Monday" at WGIR-FM.

>     I cannot help but wonder WHY the new owners decided to purge a good
>amount of WGIR-FM's on air talent to rebroadcast WHEB in Portsmouth.  After
>all, Manchester is New Hampshire's largest city and WGIR-FM commands a
>larger audience than WHEB-FM could ever muster.  It would make "sense"
>to reverse the simulcast to put HEB on GIR-FM.  What you are seeing is
>the destruction of something that took nearly twenty years to build.  I
>can smell the "beancounters", even down here.

If you cracked the books on both stations, I guess the numbers on the
Portsmouth signal were bigger.  Payroll couldn't have been that much
different.  Surprising that they didn't do more of a meshing of the
talent(s).  Maybe that's still on the horizon. Happened to hear the PM drive
sign off at about 6:50 last night.  Sounded like they were all in the tank
as they bcast from a bar somewhere saying buhbye.  No fear of career
limiting there!
Bill O'Neill