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Re: LOW POWER FM, what a concept !!

> WFNX sounds like a low-budget college station.  And,
> we give them another signal?  I don't get it!  

Shows what you can do when you play by the rules....!

> And I don't want to hear how "pirates" can apply for a license either.
> That statement shows how "in the dark" some folks are out here.  

Speaking of "dark"...there are many 'dark' stations out there as well.  

> Give us
> some of CBS's pocket money to lobby with, we'll get on the air.

Or maybe you could "earn" the money like CBS does....a novel concept..!!

> I am tired of hearing how Maine and Northern NH need translators.  The
> Lakes Region has 93.3 and 107.1 both carrying the same programming
> translators, another case of a wasted signal(s).  

Then maybe you could 'challenge' their license renewal....

> This blanket statement about what's legal
> and what isn't is a tired statement.  

Maybe...but to law-abiding citizens it's not so tired.  

> The translators (and duopolies) are
> legalized prostitution and no more.  And, that's that!

And that's that?????