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Re: Claremont

<<On Tue, 17 Mar 1998 09:40:50 -0500, brouder@juno.com (Ed Brouder) said:

> In fact, WHDQ was *the* first FM in New Hampshire.  It signed on as WLOB
> May 19, 1947.  It was owned by the Claremont Daily Eagle newspaper and
> named for publisher Lincoln O'Brien.

I've posted these lists a few times before, and they're in the
Archives, but I thought people might be interested in them.  I forget
the origin, but someone sent me mail with two lists of FM stations,
one from 1950 and one from 1958.  For New Hampshire, here's what they

WTSV-FM   106.1      Claremont               NH
WKNE-FM   107.9      Keene                   NH  [CP]
WMUR-FM   95.7       Manchester              NH
WKBR-FM   100.1      Manchester              NH
WOTW-FM   106.3      Nashua                  NH

in 1958:

WKCQ      103.7      Berlin                  NH
WTSV-FM   106.1      Claremont               NH
WKBR-FM   100.1      Manchester              NH
WMTW-FM   94.9       Mount Washington        NH
WOTW-FM   106.3      Nashua                  NH

Mount Washington must have had an incredible signal at the time; there
were only seven stations on that channel in the entire country:

KSFR      94.9       San Francisco           CA
WSJG      94.9       Miami                   FL
KCMO-FM   94.9       Kansas City             MO
WMTW-FM   94.9       Mount Washington        NH
WGRV-FM   94.9       Greeneville             TN
WDBJ-FM   94.9       Roanoke                 VA
WWCF      94.9       Poynette                WI

the nearest 94.7 was:

WMAS-FM   94.7       Springfield             MA

the nearest 95.1 was:

WGHF      95.1       Brookfield              CT

(Interestingly enough, the 95.1 in ``South Bristol Township'', New
York, was at that time shown as being licensed to ``Bristol Center''.)

At this time, Maine had three FM stations, Massachusetts 29,
Connecticut 8, and Vermont none (according to this list).

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