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Re: How many "trimulcasts" out there?

FM radio 1 wrote:

> Closer to home, wasn't WHDQ-Claremont on several signals for awhile a couple
> of years ago?  I think they were on 107.1 in Bellows Falls, VT, plus a couple
> of translators.  Can anyone clarify?

I don't recall WHDQ on 107.1. WUVR (?) 100.5 Lebanon was on the then-WBFL for a
while before 'BFL "went Wish". WHDQ did spend a few days on WVAY late last summer,
giving the Q six different outlets:

100.7 in Wilmington (WVAY)
104.7 in Jamaica (W284AB)
106.1 in Claremont (WHDQ)
106.1 booster in Rutland (WHDQ-1)
106.5 in Keene (W293AB)
106.7 in Lebanon (294AB)

This situation lasted only a few days, shortly after the WKVT-FM/WVAY simulcast
ended around Labor Day of last year. The only true "trimulcast" that I've ever
heard of in this area was the WSSH (101.5)/ WZSH (107.1)/ WVAY (100.7) alignment
which opperated for several months in 1997 (plus 104.7 and 105.5 translators in
Jamaica and Keene respectively).

Doug Bassett, WKVT
West Brattleboro, Vt.