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Re: How many "trimulcasts" out there?

In a message dated 98-03-17 09:26:15 EST, billpi@ll.mit.edu writes:

<< A story yesterday afternoon on Business Wire about Big City Radio, Inc.
 being granted permission to double the power of its three NYC properties
 which trimulcast as Y-107 piqued my curiosity. How many metropolitan areas
 have trimulcasting (or even polymulcasting [more than three]) broadcasting.

There is an alternative rock station(s) in Los Angeles that is a trimulcast.
The station is known as Y107, and they trimulcast on three synchronous class A
FM's on 107.1.  The signal is decent in the suburbs but it's awful in the city

Closer to home, wasn't WHDQ-Claremont on several signals for awhile a couple
of years ago?  I think they were on 107.1 in Bellows Falls, VT, plus a couple
of translators.  Can anyone clarify?

Mike Thomas, WERZ & Premiere Radio Networks