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Re: How many "trimulcasts" out there?

> In a message dated 98-03-17 09:26:15 EST, billpi@ll.mit.edu writes:
> << A story yesterday afternoon on Business Wire about Big City Radio, Inc.
>  being granted permission to double the power of its three NYC properties
>  which trimulcast as Y-107 piqued my curiosity. How many metropolitan areas
>  have trimulcasting (or even polymulcasting [more than three]) broadcasting.
> >>
> There is an alternative rock station(s) in Los Angeles that is a trimulcast.
> The station is known as Y107, and they trimulcast on three synchronous class A
> FM's on 107.1.  The signal is decent in the suburbs but it's awful in the city
> itself.

That's Big City Radio, again!  The Los Angeles Y107's preceded the
NYC ones by a year or so.  They are:

KLYY Arcadia(-Pasadena-Los Angeles)
KVYY Ventura(-Simi Valley)
KSYY Fallbrook(-Orange County)

They were a trimulcast before Y107, too, as KMAX-FM, KAXX, and

BigCity is also doing a 2-station 103.1 deal in Chicago - one in
north suburban Highland Park (WXXY) and the other in southwest
far suburban Morris (WYXX).  

I was in NJ over the weekend and heard the Y107 simulcast up there...
you can hear the New Jersey outlet along the Parkway up to the Raritan
Bridge area, but from there along the Turnpike up to Newark Airport it's
nothing but noise and interference with the Westchester Y107.

- -s