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Re: Who was "Willie Whistle" ?

On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Bump Martin wrote:

>> Reliable sources (who will stay nameless) told me 
>>that it was a man named Dick Beach.  He has since 
>>retired and enjoying the sun in F-L-A. Word has it 
>>that he, in addition to his "Willie" duties, had a 
>>high position at WSBK for many years.  

I can confirm that. I can add that he was Production 
Manager. I met him several years ago on one of his rare
visits to Boston. A very nice man. I think he now lives 
in Kentucky.

>Funny, I remember in the 80's during an 'Ask the 
>Manager' program.  (Yes, I actually watched it a few 
>times...!!!)  Someone wrote to ask who it was.....and 
>the GM and Dana responded that it was a highly guarded
>secret!  I wasn't sure why...If he was an executive 
>with WSBK, I could imagine the distraction that it 
>might have played while dealing with clients, the 
>public and others while performing his 'executive' 

If it was Dan Berkery & Dana, they'd typically say stuff 
like that on a whim. I can't speak personally re: job
distraction, although I've heard that Dick and Willie 
were two, distinctly separate personalities...like a 
Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy thing.

>>BTW: Willie Whistle debuted on the days of WIHS-TV 
>>(now WSBK) in 1966. 

>I wonder if he was "Willie" first, then came the 
>executive...or the other way around!

Don't know this, but there are people I can ask, if 
you've the need to know...

>> I drew a picture of Willie at age 6 and was excited 
>>to see it on the air !! What memories.  

>What you'd give for a videotape of it now, huh?  :-)

Bump, this scares me a little. But I can probably get 
you a VHS dub of the "snake snippet" if you're really 
that keen on it.

- - Henry Dane