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>Howard Glazer wrote:
>Speculation in the article is that Yale/SFX will consolidate the urban
>format on WYBC (94.3), turning WNHC over to student trainees and
>community groups. This would give the New Haven market two college AMs,
>Quinnipiac College-owned 1220 (brainlock on call -- WQUN?) being the

        It's not quite the same. While WQUN is owned by Quinnipiac College,
it is being run as a professional, commercial station -- satellite
nostalgia format, with a live program in morning drive, local news, and
CBS. As I understand it, at least so far, very limited student employment.
Quinnipiac also has a student-run FM station that's been around for many
years. The school bought WQUN within the past 18 months or so. Also, BTW,
they have an application in to raise night power (this station is a former
daytimer) from 310 w to 1 kW, same as day power. That would help them a
        WYBC apparently is talking about making WNHC the student-run
traditional college station, which is an interesting development. There
have been complaints for many years that WYBC was not accessible enough to
students for training and experience and did not program in ways that were
geared toward the students. And, graveyarder signals being what they are,
this could be a trend. I see a lot of similarities between the coverage
areas of the old 10 w college FMs and the coverage area of an AM on a local
channel, at least before the signal is wrecked at night <g>.