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Re: Things are happening at WTOP AM and FM.....

> > Don't worry, Pete, WTOP(AM) lives on!
> > 
> > They're just improving the FM simulcast for the Virginia areas that
> > are in the null of 1500's night pattern, trading 94.3A Warrenton
> > for 107.7B.  WUPP(FM), now on 107.7, moves to the weaker 94.3, and
> > WTOP-FM moves to 107.7.
> What happened to WRCY?  What format was WUPP?  I left that area 1/96 and
> there's been so many changes already!

WRCY became WUPP not long after you left...it's a format called
"Up Country," mixing rock and country (kinda like WRCY was doing
anwyay, really).

- -s