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Re: LOW POWER FM, what a concept !!

SS from EBRadio wrote:

  This blanket statement about what's legal
> and what isn't is a tired statement.  The translators (and duopolies) are
> legalized prostitution and no more.  And, that's that!

I couldn't have said it better myself!! What this gentleman is saying is
pretty much my very own complaint with the current state of
broadcasting.  The NAB lobbys for these megopoly policies and the FCC
rubber-stamps them into regulation, raking in the $$$$$$!!

This, unfortunately is why I'm not pursuing full time radio.  No job
security, low pay (and getting lower), and a tendancy of station owners
to toss talent away in favor of a satellite feed, automation or
simulcast of another of their properties.  Never mind the effect this
"dumbing down" of the industry must have on listeners (they don't count
anyway, only the advertisers count, right???).

While I wouldn't waste my time and effort on microbroadcasting, I think
it's probably a good thing (someone tell me how a station with a couple
of watts covering an existing station for a mile radius, at best, is
hurting the big station financially?  Especially in the city where the
microbroadcaster is chosing a format that is popular with the community
it serves.  Seems to me that the big station can't lose from a "market"
it doesn't "serve" anyway.)

Once upon a time, up until last fall,  I had a goal of working at the
"number 1 station in Boston."  It was one of those things I wanted to do
since High School.   After much thought, and considering I worked at
some pretty good stations like KOUL 103.7 and Oldies 96-5 in Corpus
Christi, TX & WEZL 103.5 in Charleston, SC not to mention the early days
of WXLO 104.5 around here, realizing the state of the industry, I threw
in the towel, having done nearly every position except owner.  I love
radio and now only do it for fun part-time.  That way, I can continue
doing what I love, and not worry about paying bills with it, ratings or
any of the knife-in-the-back nonsense that happens at most stations.

I'm not bitter, just a realist.  Now, to make a living, I turned in my
microphone for an 18 wheeler.  Cool, eh, good buddy???