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Re: AM DX 3/13

> 1180 When did WHAM start carrying the Truckin' Bozo? I'm
> still impressed with any station that does local news at the
> bottom of the hour in the dead of night, though.

Pretty pathetic.  Seems like the overnight airwaves are filled with
Truckin' shows or Art Bell.  Isn't WJR running a trucker show now..?  ..
.and WKBW?

And Art Bell is on a bunch of biggies now.  WRKO, WABC, 1100(?), WHAM,
1210, etc.
> 1220 Country music behind/mixing with what I assume to be
> WKNR. I still have yet to hear Keene's WKBK after dark.

In Massachusetts, when I *can* pick up 1220AM....it's usually Providence
, or Moncton, NB(?)