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740 at night, Is CBL gone?

The last few nights, I have not heard a trace of CBL interfering with WJIB.
Is CBL gone from AM already? I had thought that this was not supposed to
happen until later in the year. Or are we experiencing auroral conditions,
which could block reception of signals from the north. (I know that Toronto
is much more west than north, but it is a _little_ north of Boston, isn't
it?) As Bob predicted, with no interference, what a signal WJIB gets from
those 5000 milliwatts!

Also, now that WXKS is broadcasting Bloomberg from 5:00 AM till 10:00 AM
M-F, WJIB has the _only_ music on AM during AM drive in immediate greater
Boston. Bob, I'll bet that if you were willing to spend some money on
promotion and sales, you might even be able to make a few dollars selling
commercials. In the long run, this would probably turn out to be more
trouble than it's worth, but if the automation setup you purchased is still
at WJIB, the whole operation might not be too expensive.

I wonder what kind of hit WXKS will take in the ratings for abandoning music
in AM drive. Also, if WXKS was never actually "sold" but simply offered as a
bonus to advertisers on Kiss, does it matter if the AM gets _any_ ratings. I
suspect, however, that WXKS (AM) actually does carry some spots that are not
bonuses to FM advertisers. I never listen to Kiss, but I'd be surprised if
Kiss carried ads for the restaurants in Medford and Everett that advertise
on the AM.

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