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AM DX 3/13

Some observations and questions arising as the result of
insomnia and this writer's proximity to an AM radio in the
early hours of this morning....

530 Anybody have information on the Caribbean station here?
Call letters, power, COL etc.? It doesn't seem to show up in
the FCC database. (surprise surprise! <g>)

800 French. No sign of CKLW, which has been heard regularly
since The Ice Storm. Never heard a French language station
here before.

850 French was totally obliterating WEEI. This station is
usually found here with at least a trace of Boston's sports
station in the background. Not this time. The Canadian was
coming in much stronger than I ever remember it. I have been
unable to positively ID this station for three years now, as
I speak zero French. I do have a couple of guesses though...

1180 When did WHAM start carrying the Truckin' Bozo? I'm
still impressed with any station that does local news at the
bottom of the hour in the dead of night, though.

1220 Country music behind/mixing with what I assume to be
WKNR. I still have yet to hear Keene's WKBK after dark.

1360 Tentatively IDed as CKBC Bathurst, NB. Heard ID
"Today's Music CK.." (last two letters rhymed with "E") No
COL heard.

1510 Truckin' Bozo show, behind/mixing with WNRB.

1620 Heard "something" way in the background. Alabama's
WPHG? Or just wishful thinking? (I had read somewhere that
they were the first station to hit the air on 1620... any
others yet?)

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.