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AM DX 3/13

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<<On Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:35:13 -0500, Doug Bassett <dbassett@sover.net> said:

> 850 French was totally obliterating WEEI. This station is
> usually found here with at least a trace of Boston's sports
> station in the background. Not this time. The Canadian was
> coming in much stronger than I ever remember it. I have been
> unable to positively ID this station for three years now, as
> I speak zero French. I do have a couple of guesses though...

Without question CKVL.  You'll probably never hear them make any sort
of official ID, but they might mention their callsign (say-kah-vay-el)
or telephone (which probably starts with 790, set-nerf-zayro).  (790
is Montreal's equivalent of 931 in Boston.  Almost all radio stations
use lines in that exchange; all of the Radio-Media call-in shows use
CKAC's line at 514-790-0231.)

> 1220 Country music behind/mixing with what I assume to be
> WKNR. I still have yet to hear Keene's WKBK after dark.

Perhaps Canada?

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