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Re: WBZ archives & WAPE

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, A. Joseph Ross wrote:

>>   During Steve Allen's 75th Anniversary special, the 
>>celebratory mood was suspended for a few moments as Steve
>>railed over how he battled with an NBC technician who was 
>>throwing away the early years' telecines of the original 
>>Tonight Show to "make room". 


   Oops. I meant kines (pronounced "kinneys"). Or kinescopes, the films shot
off TV monitors as a means to preserve live TV
transmissions before the days of videotape machines, or at
least readily accessible videotape recording (which, with their
superior quality, effectively ended the use of kinescopes). The 
first ones, manufactured by Ampex, were due on the market in 
1957 for  a rather prohibitive $47,000. "Tonight", hosted by 
Steve Allen, started in 1953 on WNBT (NBC's NY flagship 
station) as a local show, and went to the NBC Network in '54, 
where Allen continued to host (with Ernie Kovacs as fill-in 
host) until 1957.
   In my posting, I swapped kines for telecines, the film chain 
set-up by which film is transferred to video format for 
storage or air. Thanks for catching that.

- - Henry Dane