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FW: Portsmouth Radio

Comments from a colleague who travels from Pelham to Rochester daily:

Regarding WQSO (96.7 Rochester, Imus & oldies) having a poor signal...
I would disagree.  I get them solidly in Ossipee (30 miles north) and
going south on 125, they are solid into Kingston, beyond that they get
a little splatter from 96.9 in Boston, but are receivable into Salem.
I think they suffer from the "format-du-jour" syndrome.  They have
been lots of things in the past 10 years and I think people just give
up on a station after a while.  It takes time to rebuild an audience.
It's not unlike the situation with WBOS & WEGQ/WCGY.

The old problem of information being obsolete as soon as you put it on
paper is at work here.  I am listening to WXHT 95.3 York "The Heat"
(modern hits, not to be confused with WCYY-style modern rock)
and they are reporting that this is their last show (the whole morning
team) and they don't know what's next for them or the station.
Too bad.  They are (were) one of the better stations around here,
although the comment about their horrible signal is certainly true.
Latest on-air comments: This is the last day for Heat 95.3 employees"
and "after today, I won't be employed here."

Roger Kirk