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Re: WGLV translator

Eric Jacobs wrote:

> Last I heard,WGLV's translator network was owned or controlled by Brian
> Dodge-I was under the impression he was persona non grata at the
> FCC...anyone know who owns the new Ashland,NH translator at 96.9? thanks

This translator, W245AF, is owned by "Mountain View Christian
Communications." Dodge's translator nertwork throughout Northern New England
and parts of Upstate New York show ownership in the FCC database most often
as "Harvest Broadcasting Assosiation". The Mountain View name doesn't appear
on any other station in the Northeast that I could find after a quick
search. Maybe Harvest has reached some sort of an ownership limit that
prohibits an entity from controlling more that 75% of the translators in a
particular state. <g>

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.