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Re: ***WEVD (was WFAN New York)

>When WCFL went religion in the 80's.....they tried to 'revamp' their
>staff/personell/employee roster to *only* include Christians.  Most of
>this wasn't a problem...because once they went the religious route...
>*most* of the staff left ON THEIR OWN!!!
>But the chief engineer stayed...and resisted their efforts to displace
>him...and eventually went to court. The court found in FAVOR of the
>(Nowadays, 'Christian' groups seem to have a much more , err, "gentler"
>way of doing things.....Without being so blatent...)
>So...it appears that when it comes down to an individual losing his/her
>rights....they come down in *favor* of the individual...  However, when
>it seems like the precedent is to protect the *free-speech* rights of

So, What does the religion, ethnicity, etc. of the chief engineer (or
anyone else at the station not directly connected with the broadcast
content) have to do with the free speech rights of the broadcaster??  In my
strong opinion, absolutely nothing!!!

Larry Weil