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The E.A.S. Blues

Amazing the number of comments about E.A.S.

Most of the sending/receiving units have two modes.  One receives incoming
messages and passes them along immediately.  The other mode allows an
operator to delay sending the message so you don't have to destroy whatever
programming is on.  Granted, there is a time limit on how long you can delay
passing on the message and frankly, the severity of that message has a
bearing on how quickly it gets passed along but there really is no reason for
a show to be rudely interrupted by an E.A.S. message.

With regard to the number of primary E.A.S. stations in a market.  Here in
St. Louis there are two.  KMOX (AM1120) and WIL (FM92.3)  I can only surmise
that the number of stations is based on market size.

Audio quality is another problem.  The unit we use can monitor a number of
different audio sources.  We have the national weather service, WIL, KTRS and
both Illinois and Missouri state wide networks that our TFT unit listens to.
 What airs from those sources is only as good as what they generate and how
good your monitor is.  Again, we rarely pass along the audio "verbatim" but
use our own folks to pass along the information.

Doug McElvein